Get insights into the royal Danish history at the Museum of National History

Get insights into the royal Danish history at the Museum of National History

Ty Stange/

Ty Stange/

The Museum of National History

The museum offers a chronological collection including portraits, historical paintings, furniture and art industry.

You will find the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Palace, also called the Frederiksborg Museum in Hillerød north of Copenhagen.

The history of the Frederiskborg palace

It is a cultural history museum, and it was created as a result of a tragedy. 

In 1859 Frederiksborg Castle burned down due to carelessness by lighting in a fireplace, but already in 1865, the castle's outer was rebuilt. At this time the government was not immediately willing to sacrifice money to remodel the palace for the royal family.

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Inspiration from Versailles

Carlsberg brewer J.C. Jacobsen suggested now that the castle was designed for a national historical museum inspired by the Versailles in Paris and others like that. Jacobsen also offered to pay for the arrangement of the palace. The proposal was approved, and the museum was created in 1878. 1st February 1882 the first parts of the castle were open for the audience.

Today the Museum highlighting the history of Denmark from Christianity's introduction to today. 

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Det Nationalhistoriske Museum
Frederiksborg Slot 10
3400 Hillerød
Hillerød, North Sealand
+45 4826 0439

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  • Longitude: 12.301272