Discover the famous Nordic cuisine

The Nordic countries are famous for the New Nordic Cuisine and they have a rich culinary heritage and use many local products.

In 2004, twelve Nordic chefs wrote the manifesto for the New Nordic Kitchen where they wanted to combine the best from the Nordic cooking traditions.

Best restaurants in the world awards

The cooking style combines the best qualities and expertise of Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finish cuisine. Nordic chefs and restaurants have now become world famous. Restaurant Noma in Copenhagen has won the title for best restaurant in the world three times.

The focus on protecting the nature and climate has been a key point for the Nordic countries in many years, and the agro-culture sector has a very healthy and organic way to operate their farms. These facts are helping to create fantastic eco-friendly agricultural products, and in combination with the ingredients from nature, you will here find one of the secrets behind the famous  New Nordic Cuisine.

It all started 2004 when 12 Nordic chefs together made a manifesto for the New Nordic Kitchen, where the aims are to express the purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics from the Nordic Countries, and to promote the products and the variety here.

New Nordic Kitchen Manifesto 

As Nordic chefs, we find that the time has now come for us to create a New Nordic Kitchen, which in virtue of its good taste and special character compares with the standard of the greatest kitchens of the world. The chefs also want to develop new applications from traditional Nordic food products, and to combine the best in Nordic cookery and traditions with the impulse from abroad. So like Nordic design The New Nordic Cuisine sticks to basic.

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