New Nordic cuisine

The Nordic countries are famous for the New Nordic Cuisine and they have a rich culinary heritage and use many local products.

In 2004, twelve Nordic chefs wrote the manifesto for the New Nordic Kitchen, where they wanted to combine the best of the Nordic cooking traditions.

It stated that chefs should focus more on purity, season, ethics, sustainability, and quality. Since then, Denmark has been a frontrunner in gastronomic innovation.

The focus on protecting nature and climate has been critical for the Nordic countries for many years. 

These facts help create fantastic eco-friendly agricultural products. In combination with natural ingredients, you will find one of the secrets behind the famous New Nordic Cuisine.


New Nordic Kitchen Manifesto 

As Nordic chefs, they feel that the time has come to create a new Nordic kitchen that, in its good taste and unique character, compares with the standards of the world's most incredible kitchens.

The chefs also want to develop new applications for traditional Nordic food products and combine the best of Nordic cookery and traditions with the impulse from abroad. So, like Nordic design, The New Nordic Cuisine sticks to the basics. 




5 principles of New Nordic Cuisine

1. Local and seasonal ingredients

Chefs focus on using locally sourced and in-season ingredients, promoting sustainability and supporting local farmers and producers.

2. Nordic flavours and traditions

The cuisine draws inspiration from traditional Nordic ingredients and cooking methods, such as smoking, curing, fermenting, and foraging for wild plants and herbs.

3. Simplicity and purity

Dishes are often prepared with simple techniques to highlight the natural flavours of the ingredients. Presentation tends to be minimalistic, allowing the food quality to speak for itself.

4. Creativity and innovation

While rooted in tradition, New Nordic cuisine encourages chefs to experiment and innovate, incorporating modern cooking techniques and creative presentations.


5. Ethical and sustainable practices

The movement strongly emphasizes ethical sourcing and sustainable food production, with a focus on minimizing waste and environmental impact.
Overall, New Nordic cuisine seeks to celebrate the unique flavours and culinary heritage of the Nordic region while promoting sustainability, innovation, and a connection to nature.


Best restaurants in the world

Denmark has a leading role in gastronomy, and in 2023, Denmark 43 Michelin restaurants. This makes Denmark the leading country in the Nordic region in terms of gastronomy.

The Danish restaurant Noma has received the award as the world’s best restaurant on four occasions.

Rasmus Kofoed, the head chef at Geranium, Denmark’s only three-star Michelin restaurant, has participated in the world chef championship Bocuse D’or, winning the gold medal in 2011 after winning bronze and silver.

Nordic chefs and restaurants have become world-famous.  


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