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Northern Norway Travel Guide

Northern Norway will captivate you from the start, whatever you go there in the summer or winter.

Time is no issue here. Forget all about busy schedules, your neighbour, appointments or obligations. Discover clean air, beautiful light, rough nature beauty and adventures of many kinds.

Where is Northern Norway

The region goes from Helgeland in the south to Kirkenes in the North and has the lowest population in Norway. Outside the coastline, you find the beautiful islands Svalbard, Lofoten and Vesterålen.

The region has a population of fewer than 500,000 people and covers approximately 113 000 km², and the Arctic Circle crosses mainland Norway here at Saltfjellet.

Earlier the easiest way to reach the region was from the sea. These islands are truly worth visiting because of their culture and fantastic natural scenery, but today the region has many airports and international flight connections.

Because of the Gulf Stream, the region has a milder climate than other Arctic regions, and fishing is the core business here.

The Finnmark is the northernmost part of continental Europe

Here the Norwegian coastline swings eastward, and the Finnmark has always been an area where East meets West, in culture as well as in nature and geography

The immense wilderness Finnmark area covers 48.000 m2 of the region, and you can travel hours here without seeing anyone. Travelling to Western Finnmark, you will end in the most northern point of Europe - the North Cape.

If you are in Northern Norway and it is the season for the Northern Lights (September- April), the North Cape is a very recommended place to experience this incredible sight.

Going east, you will meet a significant local historical culture experience, the local Sami people, whose history goes a long way back. They are the only indigenous people of Nordic countries recognised and protected under the international conventions of indigenous people. They still keep traditions up, and it is a real experience and worth a visit.

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Tromsø - the main city in the region

The most famous and developed town in Northern Norway is the university city Tromsø, also called “Paris of the North”. Tromsø, surrounded by incredible nature, invites to all kinds of adventure all year along. They are also very proud here to be the destination of the Northern Lights in the Winter.

This town offers some museums experience, which tells about the Arctic region. Tromsø gets more and more culinary highlights, and Tromsø provides excellent transport possibilities from the rest of Norway, which makes Tromsø the perfect beginning for a Northern Norway adventure tour.

If you like to enjoy the beautiful nature around Tromsø - then we recommend you visit the Lyngenfjord region.

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Perfect spot for the Northern Light & Midnight Sun

The Northern Lights belt stretches along the coast of Northern Norway from North Cape to Lofoten. Northern Norway is, therefore, the perfect place to observe this natural phenomenon.

The Northern Lights are more commonly seen here than anywhere else in the world. Svalbard is where you can see the daytime Northern Lights in mid-winter because it is dark here. 

It is good to book a local adventure tour to explore the tremendous Norwegian nature and the world-famous seasonally lights.

Here you find attractions as snowmobiling, dogsledding, hiking, kayaking, biking, skiing, to mention a few.

Local tour operators arrange tours all year round, or you can go by yourself, but we recommend tours with local guides. Through these fantastic adventures tours, you also have the best way to experience the local civilisation. 

You can also have a stay in Kirkenes Ice hotel -totally made of snow.

Get here by plane

The easiest way to reach Northern Norway is by aeroplane to cities like Tromsø, Bodø or Kirkenes, but it is also possible to cruise along the coastline with  “the Hurtigruten”.

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