Discover family fun in Finland

Discover family fun in Finland

What to do with kids in Finland

Each season offers all kinds of amusements, attractions and adventures for families going to Finland.

Whatever it`s skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, amusement fun or a visit to the famous mommies sights, it is only up to you to decide.


Finland is world famous for the many lakes, which offers all kinds of activities such as sightseeing tours or canoe and kayak trips in summer.

Sauna & Spa

Sauna culture comes from Finland, and throughout the country, you will find family-friendly Sauna and Spa Hotels, with the most amazing facilities for both children and adults.


Related to the country's proud nature, you have the possibility to stay in a self-catering apartment, cosy countryside cottages or a camping site. In Lapland, you can even stay a night under the Northern Lights in a heated glass igloo.


If you are a big skiing fan, Finland offers the most magnificent ski resorts in Lapland in the Winter. 

By Car

A weekend west-to-east car trip across Finland boasts plenty of destinations, which in their own way will satisfy the Whole family. Recommended in the summer.

The Cities

In and around Finland`s bigger cities like Helsinki or Turku, you will find outdoor parks, playgrounds and zoos, but also museums to keep the kids busy and interested.

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