Getting around in Sweden

It is very convenient to travel around in Sweden.

Domestic flights in Sweden

The biggest airport in Sweden is Stockholm Arlanda Int. Airport, and you can reach most of the airports in the country from here. Other well-known airports are Malmø in the south, Gothenburg in the west and Kiruna in the country's north. 

Scandinavian Airlines is the biggest airline company and offers flights for nearly all parts of Sweden. Another airline is Malmø Aviation. You can go from Arlanda International Airport to the domestic airport by express train and bus, and you have to remember to check about check-in time for domestic flights by the airline due to the safety controls.


Train travel

In Sweden, the rail operates by a few significant operators called SJ, Tågkompaniet, Snalltåget and Inlandsbanan. In general first and second-class cars are available. For longer trips sleeping cars are provided. The Swedish high-speed train X 2000 travels up to 200 km/hour (125 mph) on all the main routes and offers the highest standards of comfort. You can buy a ticket at the very train station ticket office or. If you want to buy online tickets, please see our related links.


One of Sweden's most affordable ways to travel around is by bus or coach. The offers and network around Sweden are excellent, and the largest operator is named Swebus. 


Travelling by ferry

Sailing in Sweden is very popular because of nature. The coastline is around 3,218 kilometres, abundant in all kinds of experiences and adventure possibilities. The archipelagoes of Sweden are very famous and recommended, like the canals of Gota or Dalsland.


Car Hire

The countryside of Sweden offers a lot, and if you drive a car, you will find some excellently prepared road stops. The roads in Sweden are generally in perfect condition, and it is possible to drive from south to north of Sweden.  If you want to hire a car or caravan, Sweden has a many car rental companies. 



Book a taxi by phone or hail one on the street in Sweden. Some companies have fixed prices, but they can vary depending on the time of day and if it is the weekend. For this reason, it is recommended that you confirm the taxi fare before setting off. Credit cards are usually accepted.