Exploring the Lofoten Islands  Lofoten is the perfect spot to discover the Northern lights Hiking at Lofoten Islands is recommendable

Lofoten Islands

National Geographic has voted Lofoten as one of the most appealing destinations in the world. A visit here is a unique natural experience.

Lofoten is a group of islands in the county of Nordland in northern Norway.  Lofoten is known for its dramatic scenery, with tall, steep mountains and sheltered bays. The islands are located north of the Arctic Circle in the polar region.

Lofoten is home to several small fishing villages, which have been essential to the local economy for centuries.

The Lofoten islands are popular with tourists enjoying the natural beauty and participating in outdoor activities. The area is also known for its art and culture, with several galleries and cultural events occurring throughout the year.

Lofoten is known for its mild winter climate, allowing skiing and snowboarding activities. The area is popular with tourists who enjoy the natural beauty and participate in outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and climbing.

Lofoten is also home to small, traditional fishing villages, which provide a glimpse into the region's history and culture. The islands are known for their dramatic, mountainous landscape, with peaks reaching over 1,000 meters (3,281 feet).


The weather at Lofoten

Lofoten's climate is relatively mild due to its high latitude due to the Gulf Stream. This allows for a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year.

Lofoten is home to several bird species, including seabirds such as puffins, guillemots, and kittiwakes.


Why visit Lofoten 

You should consider a detour to the Lofoten Islands, an arctic island group if you go to Northern Norway. The Lofoten Islands north of Bødo present an imposing wall of rugged peaks rising from the sea. Here you get unforgettable nature experiences. 

The main town, Svolvær, is a fishing and trading centre and has been this since the 17th century. Svolvær is the gateway to Lofoten, and here you find many hotels and restaurants.

The main islands, Austvågøy, Vestvågøy, Flakstadøy and Moskenesøy are separated from the mainland by Vestfjorden. Moskenesøya is the most photographed, perhaps because of the fishing village Reine.
On the tip of Lofoten, you can experience the island of Røst and many other islands, islets and reefs. These are the home to the most significant number of nesting birds in Norway. Close by, you will find "Skomvær" lighthouse, the final post overlooking the AtlanticLofoten has a milder climate due to the warm Gulf Stream. 

Bridges, tunnels and roads connect the islands. It is a good idea to have a car to go here, but there are also good bus lines that connect the islands to the mainland.

The Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun

Lofoten Islands is the perfect place to visit if you want to discover the Arctic's unique lights, such as "the Northern Lights" and the "Midnight Sun".

The northern lights season is from September to mid-April, and you see the midnight sun you can experience between late May and mid-July. In this period, Lofoten is where the sun never sinks below the horizon. 

You can book local tours which give you insights and unique experiences.


Whale watching  in Lofoten

Whale-watching is one of the highlights of any trip to Norway, and at the right time of year, you've got a 95 per cent chance of seeing one of the magnificent creatures if you go on a whale safari. Especially Lofoten is a great place to spot whales.

From the end of May to September,  Orcas and Porpoises can be seen around the coast and inlets of the Lofoten islands.

Andenes, on the island of Andøya, is well-known for its whale safaris. These trips explore the waters of the Vesterålen islands and offer a high probability of seeing whales in the wild.

Attractions and activities

Lofoten has many different activities to offer. The locals offer different activities all year round, depending on the season.  In the summer, biking and riding are popular with the midnight sun. In winter skiing and northern lights, tours are good options. The biggest attraction is the Lofotr Viking museum near the centre of Vestvågøy. 

You can go hiking, skiing, scuba diving, ocean rafting or fishing. Local tour operators offer sea safaris, show shoeing trips, fishing trips and many more tours.


Visit also the Island Moskenes

The nature element will captivate you if you go to the Island of Moskenes. Go on a boat trip through Moskstrømmen, characterised as one of the fiercest and most dangerous maelstroms in the world, and bring you to the "outside" of Lofoten.


Nusfjord Fishing Village

You can also visit Nusfjord - the incredibly lively fishing village. Here you can discover the intertwining building area evolved at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. Here archaeologists have uncovered evidence of the earliest "industrial fishing" in the Nordland region. Diggings have revealed settlements from the fifth century.


Henningsvær Fishing Village

In Henningsvær, the fishing village's history goes a long way back regarded the fishing activities on Lofoten. Beautiful place with the mountain at its back and otherwise surrounded by the sea Henningsvær earlier was a natural spot for starting fishing tours. Unlike many other fishing villages, the population of Henningsvær has remained stable in recent years, and there are still over 500 people living there.

The islands of Henningsvær were not connected to the rest of Lofoten by bridges until 1981, a fact that probably helped save the community from the contemporary style of architecture that otherwise left its mark on just about all other Norwegian towns and villages in the 1960s and 70s.

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Visit also Eggum and Unstad

Another beautiful place to visit if you are going to Lofoten in the summer is Eggum and Unstad. Here the houses are grouped like in the Middle Ages, and they are beautifully situated at the foot of the tall mountains. In Eggum, you will find the beautiful pebbled beach favourite spot for experiencing the midnight sun in the summer.

Lofoten is full of activity offers and the right combination to discover the islands. In the summer, biking and riding are popular with the midnight sun. In winter skiing and northern lights, tours are good options. 

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