The Finnmark is just pure nature, clean air and endless land.

The Finnmark is just pure nature, clean air and endless land.

Bjarne Riesto / / / Kautokeino

Bjarne Riesto / / / Kautokeino

The Finnmark

The Finnmarksvidda plateau has the widest horizons in the North. Discover pure nature, clean air and endless land.

The landscape here is one of the rolling hills, with low-lying ridges, lakes, rivers and marshes. Besides Karasjok, Kautokeino and Maze, there are only a few small settlements.

The Northern Lights

During Norway’s winter, the lowest temperatures are often recorded up here, but a dry climate ensures regular views of the amazing Northern lights. During the summer, the temperature sometimes reaches tropical Highs, and here you have the chance of seeing the beautiful midnight sun.

The Sami culture

The Sami culture and lifestyle is being preserved in Indre Finnmark more than in any other part of “Sápmi” (i. e. Lapland) and a visit by the locals is, of course, a highlight here.

Landmarks in Finnmark

Scenic attractions like the North Cape, Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau, stone trolls and a rock church are all significant landmarks in Finnmark.

You will find all kind of tour offers in Finnmark; Go bird-watching, join a king crab safari, discover Sami culture, try dog sledging or get your adrenaline pumping exploring Finnmark on a snowmobile, just to mention few of them.

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 70.483039
  • Longitude: 26.013511