Old Rauma

Old Rauma is an exclusive example of an old Nordic city, where the houses are made of wood.

You will find Old Rauma located on the Gulf of Bothnia, where it is known as one of the oldest harbours in Finland.

Old Rauma was built around a Franciscan monastery, where the mid-15th-century Holy Cross Church still stands.

Old Rauma shows an extraordinary example of the old Nordic city constructed in wood. Even after the fire in the late 17th century, Rauma has preserved its ancient vernacular architectural heritage.

Old Rauma became a member of Unesco World Heritage List in 1991.


Kauppakatu 24
26100 Rauma
Turku, Coast&Archipelago
+ 358 02 834 3525

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  • Lattitude: 61.128004
  • Longitude: 21.515571