Petäjävesi Old Church is on the UNESCO Heritage List

Petäjävesi Old Church is on the UNESCO Heritage List

Honza Soukup

Honza Soukup

Petäjävesi Old Church

Petäjävesi Old Church is an incredible heritage landmark and example of a Lutheran church built of logs.

It is a typical example of an architectural tradition unique in Finland.

It was built in 1763-1764, and the old church was under the instruction of master builder Jaakko Klemetinpoika Leppänen and had to act as a village church in the parish of Jämsä; the dedication did not, however, take place until 1778.

After 1879 Petäjävesi Old Church didn’t play a role in a church. A new church was constructed. Nowadays the Old Church at Petäjävesi is used for worship on summer Sundays and is one of Finland’s most well-loved churches for weddings.

Petäjävesi Old Church became a member of Unesco World Heritage List in 1994.


Vanhankirkontie 9
41900 Petäjävesi

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