Go whale watching in Northern Iceland Husavik is the destination for whale safaris Akureyri is the biggest town in Northern Iceland Visit the Vatnajökull National Park Ice Caves under the Vatnajökull Glacier

Welcome to North Iceland

North Iceland is a fascinating part of Iceland with many spectacular things to do and see.

North Iceland, in general, has dramatic mountains, lava fields and smooth hills cut out by rivers.  

The locals live a dynamic life, in harmony with the dramatic nature. You will not find many other places with so many natural highlights.


The "Capital of the North" is Akureyri. It is a cosy town with old wooden houses, Icelandic culture, cuisine and history. The most visitors start their holiday here by arriving in Akureyri airport. 


The tremendous nature here invites one to participate in the open-air life, which attracts tourist from all around the world. There are almost no limits to the outdoor activities regarding the season. Everything from hiking, swimming, golf, fishing, horseback riding, hunting or what about a whale safari at sea.


Do you not feel for action, there are a lot of sights to experience, such as the highland mountains, hot springs, waterfalls, volcanic craters and a lot more.


You must always be aware of nature and its dangers. Visit the local tourist offices or go on one of the many tours offered.

Northern Light

Each season has its charm up here. In winter, the area around Akureyri present the best skiing facilities in Iceland, and if you are lucky, you can experience the unique natural phenomenon the Northern Lights.


The easiest way to reach North Iceland is by plane. Daily flights from Reykjavik takes 45 minutes to Akureyri. The distance from Reykjavik to Akureyri is 380km, and by public bus (Straætó)the trip takes about 6 1/2 hrs. 

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