You're never far away from a bargain in Sweden

You're never far away from a bargain in Sweden

Shopping in Sweden

Sweden is a very popular destination related to shopping possibilities. From traditional handicrafts, trendy design, to respected international fashion brands,

Here you will find all from interesting shopping streets to fantastic shopping malls. The inspiration to buy a souvenir or gifts to bring home from the Nordic countries has no limits here.

Top Shopping Destinations

Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmø are the absolute top destinations for shopping. No matter you are looking for a local article, a souvenir, famous Swedish brands etc.., the Swedes known have to satisfy your needs.

Biblioteksstan in Stockholm is the recommended place to find good offers for high-quality brands, Swedish as internationally.

Gothenburg is reputed to be the most trendy innovative city in Sweden in connection with the design and local fashion brands. Haga Street is recommended for a visit if you go to Gothenburg for shopping.

Malmø has also a lot of cosy walking streets, which give any visitor inspiration and good offers in connection with design, souvenirs or fashion.

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