Lego® is world-leader in toys, and the company has the headquarter in Billund in Denmark, where you also can visit the first Legoland in the world.

LEGO® is a private company and is owned by the same family who founded it in 1932. In 1949 they began to produce the famous LEGO® bricks, which today are all part of the LEGO system and can be easily combined in innumerable ways.

The word "LEGO" is derived from Danish "leg" and "godt", which means "play well". Later the founder of the company learned that the phrase "LEGO" also means "I put together" in Latin.

The company headquarter in Billund, and here you also can visit the 'Lego House' and Legoland, the original one opened back in 1968.

The story behind the brand

The carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen started the company back in 1932, and he started with making toys in wood. Ever since 1932 the focus in the company has been to make toys in excellent quality, and their products are regularly tested to live up to the strictest safety and quality standards, and this has been one of the reasons that LEGO is one of the most popular and famous brands in the world today.

LEGO® gradually began to move away from wood products to plastic, and the brick as you know it today was launched in 1958, and the LEGO® bricks are all part of the LEGO® system, which essentially means that they can easily be combined in innumerable ways.

The logo of LEGO® was designed in 1973, and in 1974 the company started to design figures and the famous LEGO® family. In 1986 the LEGO® Group became a supplier to the Royal family in Denmark.

The first Legoland opened in Denmark

Legoland opened in June 1968 in Billund in Jutland, where you also find the headquarter of LEGO®.

Today there are 7 Legoland Parks all over the world as in Germany, California, Florida, England, Dubai and Malaysia.

Legoland is a park with a lot of family experiences with a special focus on children. It is possible to see a famous building and towns made of LEGO bricks, and there are plenty of attractions no matter if you prefer action or relaxation.

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