Go Shopping in Greenland

In connection with a shopping experience in Greenland, you have the opportunity to buy products that symbolise the Greenland identity.

Today’s most outstanding designers are behind innovative creations and are rewriting the history of Greenland. Look, touch and feel.

Jewellery, animal skins and handicrafts produced from Greenlandic materials still provide excellent insight into a proud and ancient culture. Nothing is wasted, and skin, stones and horns are used to create unique items.

Tourist office sales

The majority of local tourist offices have fine exhibitions and sell products produced by local craftsmen. It’s fantastic to see the care that goes into making the products today, and it’s clear to see the old culture’s craftsmanship being incorporated into all materials.

What is a Tupilak

Tupilaks are well-known and popular souvenirs which many travellers in Greenland take home with them. Tupilak means an ancestor’s soul or spirit and was earlier used to ward off an enemy if he came too close.

Today we believe that we know better, and now the figures carved in tooth, bone or stone are simply a memento of Greenland and the country’s culture.

Jewellery, clothes, animal skin products, arts and crafts – a little piece of Greenland produced from nature’s materials. There are good chances of bringing a tangible memento home with you from Greenland.

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