A Taste of Greenland

A Taste of Greenland

Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Greenlandic Cuisine

Greenland offers a wide selection of excellent culinary highlights.

The Greenlandic culinary culture is also closely tied to the old hunting community's strong social solidarity, where vital necessities depended on the catch being shared. The Greenlandic population has lived through generations of what they could catch by sea and water. All from marine mammals, game, birds and fish have been the main ingredients.

Meat got more and more important for the inhabitants because it provides a lot of energy and nourishment, which was an important diet to survive the demanding Arctic conditions, especially during the winter. 

Today food and mealtimes still remain a central part of the Greenlandic characteristic hospitality.

Explore Greenland through its food

Today Greenlandic food is a culinary experience, and the ingredients are usually organic, since fish, game, and marine animals roam free in their natural environment. Especially the excellent hotels today hires highly respected chefs who serve delicious delicacies.

Do you choose to go to a local restaurant, often a plentiful buffet is served. The tasting here will depend on what has been caught, such as a variety of fish, muskox, seal, and other delicacies.

Kaffemik - a traditional tradition

Kaffemik is a Greenlandic word that literally means “via coffee”. It is social engagement by way of coffee. A kaffemik is an all-day affair with 50 people or more coming and going. Invitations to Kaffemik typically spread via social media and word of mouth. If you get an opportunity to participate in such an event, you absolutely get insight the Greenlandic hospitality.