Getting around in Finland

Getting around in Finland and buses and trains integrate well and it easy to travel around in Finland.

Domestic Flights in Finland

You will find 27 airports in Finland, five of which have regular international flight services. The largest and most important airport is the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport.

Many international airlines operate from Vantaa International Airport, including KLM, SAS, Norwegian and Finnair. Also, domestic traffic operates from Vantaa int. airport.

The northernmost airport is in Ivalo in Lapland, approximately 250 kilometres above the Arctic Circle. The following airlines operate domestic flights in Finland Finnair, Norwegian, Flybe, and SAS.

Domestic Flights can be cheap and time-saving, especially if you are planning to visit Lapland in the north. If you book in advance, cheaper tickets are generally available.


Trains in Finland

The railway network in Finland stretches all over the country, and the national Finnish Railway operator is called "VR". The trains are, in general spacious, comfortable and clean.

The distances can sometimes be quite long, and a sleeping car is recommendable.  Especially Eastern Finland has beautiful scenery with many lakes. 

Boat and ferries in Finland

You will find many boats, ferries and cruises along the coastland and inland waterways in Finland. Mainly cruises to autonomous Åland and countries by the Baltic Sea.


Buses in Finland

In Finland, there can be places unachievable by train. The country is covered 90 % by a coach network system regarding public roads and is one of the most comprehensive in Europe.

Coaches will take you there if the rail network doesn’t reach your chosen Finnish destination. Some attractions are much easier to reach on more minor roads by coach. See the following sites for coaches to your destination: Matkahuolto, Omnibus, and ExpressBus.


Car rental in Finland

If you rent a car in Finland, you must follow right-handed traffic and a polite, stress-free driving culture. It is an excellent way to discover Finland as a tourist.

You will find petrol stations quite close to each other.  Please be aware of the winter weather when driving in Finland. It can be tricky without any local experience.  Roads get slippery, and snow tires are legally required from December to February.

Remember to turn on your Headlights at all times in Finland. Motorists in Finland should remain alert for elk and reindeer, which frequently wander onto roads and are most active at dusk. 


Taxi in Finland

In Finland Taxi called Taksi. In the telephone directory, you will find a Taxi by the name Taksi.

The central taxi reservation number in Helsinki is 0100 0700. Your Hotel will help you book a Taxi/Taxi reservation, and Yellow Taksi (telephone 0600-555 555) is an independent well-known company to and from the airport in Helsinki.

This service operates on a share basis. All taxis have an illuminated yellow sign marked ‘Taksi/Taxi.  Taxis in Finland are comfortable and safe modern cars, and you can pay by major international credit cards or cash.

The fare rises gradually on a kilometre basis, as indicated by the meter, depending on the number of passengers. You don`t have to tip the driver. Of course, if you want to round up the amount to the nearest total amount. It is a good idea to write the address to the driver because of the pronunciation of names and streets.