Southern Sweden Travel Guide

In this part of Sweden the light is softer and the landscape even so. Maybe it is the reason why artists adore southern Sweden so much.


Malmø is Sweden`s third-largest city and home of Sweden`s tallest building, which also is an architectural attraction. The parks and the new harbour site are also absolutely highlighted here. “Lilla Torget”  are restored parts of the late medieval town. Many are now occupied by galleries, boutiques and restaurants. Don`t miss some of Malmø`s edgy museums.

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In the Southern-east part of Sweden, this archipelago includes 10000 islands. The biggest island here is called Öland, famous for its windmills, Borgholm Castle and ancient sites. Öland is a favourite among the Swedes, because of the sun, sea and fantastic white beaches and shallow coastal waters.

Towns like Västervik, Oskarshamn, Mönsterås and Kalmar are located along the coastline and recommended to see, related to culture, sights and history.


Kalmar has 60,000 inhabitants and the highlight here is the remarkable Kalmar Castle. The history of this legendary castle goes back 800 years.

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Trelleborg and Helsingborg

Trelleborg and Helsingborg are ferry cities to Germany and Denmark with old buildings and castle ruins. In the cosy streets, you can find boutiques and restaurants. In the summer the sea activities here are huge hits.

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