Danish UNESCO Heritage Sites

In Denmark, you find five cultural and two natural sites on the UNESCO Heritage Site list.

One of most famous UNESCO Heritage Site is Kronborg Castle, immortalised by Shakespeare in the 1600s.

Another highlight is a big Viking attraction nearby Vejle - 'the rune stones' in Jelling. It is a memorial referred to as Denmark`s 'birth certificate'. The stones are covered with a runic script that the Danish Viking King Harald Bluetooth had carved more than 1,000 years ago. 

Natural Unesco Heritage Sites

Denmark has two natural Unesco sites, Stevns Klint and the Wadden Sea National Park. Stevns Klint came on the UNESCO World list in 2014. Here you can explore 65 million years of natural history. The other natural heritage site, the Wadden Sea National Park is Denmark`s largest national park as it extends from the Danish-German border to Blåvandshuk and covers 1,459km2.

The Nordic countries offer many UNESCO heritage attractions and it`s an interesting region to visit if you are interested in nature and history.