Visit the new H. C Andersen Museum In the H.C.Andersen Museum in Odense you will be introduced to his life and work Every summer there is a outdoor play nearby the museum H. C. Andersen was born in Odense

Hans Christian Andersen Museum

The museum celebrates the life, works, and legacy of the renowned Danish fairy tale writer, Hans Christian Andersen. 

Today, it is a museum of the writer`s work with exhibits about the world-renowned author`s fantastic life. Here, you can follow the writer's life from his first years in Odense as the son of a poor shoemaker to becoming the most famous author of the century.

The exhibits will take you back to when the writer`s works were created and learn about the kind of world in which Hans Christian Andersen lived from 1805  to 1875.

The museum honours Hans Christian Andersen's legacy while offering visitors an immersive and educational experience, allowing them to delve into his imagination and storytelling world.


Beautiful Danish architecture

The new museum has a modern and innovative architectural design and incorporates interactive exhibits and displays to engage visitors of all ages.

In the exhibitions, you can see and hear about  Andersen's life story, his literary contributions, and the impact of his fairy tales and stories on Danish culture and worldwide literature.

The experiences include interactive elements such as multimedia installations, storytelling sessions, and displays bringing Andersen's tales to life.




The museum is in Odense at Funen, which is Andersen's birthplace.





The many skills of the poet

You can follow the writer's acquaintances, love life, artistic career and his many journeys. You get a presentation of the man Hans Christian Andersen, his distinctive appearance and his mind. 

The museum contains all modern facilities, and you can explore Hans Christian Andersen's universe, leaf through his books or via a computer. You also have the opportunity to hear his tales at the many listening posts. The museum shop has a comprehensive selection of books in several languages about and by Hans Christian Andersen.


Fairytale events in the summer

Every summer, professional actors perform with some of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales on an outdoor stage just outside the museum. These performances are a highlight for locals as well as tourists.


Hans Christian Andersen Museum
Bangs Boder 29
5000 Odense C
Odense, Funen

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