Stevns Klint

Stevns Klint offering the exceptional evidence of what happened more than 65 million years ago when an asteroid crashed into the planet.

Stevns Klint is known for its unique geological and historical significance. Stevns Klint consists primarily of limestone cliffs that were formed around 66 million years ago during the geological period known as the Cretaceous.

These chalk formations are impressive and show layers of fossils and geological traces that provide insight into Earth's history.

Stevns Klint is unique because of its characteristic white and green layers. The white limestone cliffs create a contrast to the green layers made up of bentonite that was formed as a result of the massive asteroid impact.


On the UNESCO World Heritage

Stevns Klint is on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to its unique importance as a geological and cultural area. It is recognized as an essential site for understanding the mass extinction of animal species about 66 million years ago in connection with the impact of an asteroid.


Dinosaur fossils

Stevns Klint is famous for its rich deposits of dinosaur fossils. The fossils here show traces of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures that once roamed the area. It is a great place for palaeontologists and fossil enthusiasts.

Stevns Klint consists of chalk and limestone formed 65 million years ago when the sea covered Denmark. This is why Stevns Klint is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This geological site comprises a 15 km-long fossil-rich coastal cliff.

A Stevns Klint in the so-called Fish Clay, it is possible to see the drama more than 65 million years ago when an asteroid crashed into our planet and the dinosaurs and half of all animal life was wiped out. Stevns Klint is at the same time beautiful and dramatic. 



Find a unique nature and beauty

In addition to its geological significance, Stevns Klint also offers exceptional natural beauty. The high cliffs that line the coast provide fantastic views of the Baltic Sea, and the surrounding countryside is ideal for hiking and nature excursions.


A rich cultural history

In addition to the geological interest, Stevns Klint also has a rich cultural history. The area has traces of former habitation and historical monuments, including the ruins of Stevnfort, which was used during the Cold War. You can explore the heritage of the past and learn about the area's history.  


Visit Stevns Klint Experience

In the Stevns Klint Experience, you will find the reason and explanation why Stevns Klint became a member UNESCO World Heritage List of natural properties in 2014. In the exhibition are fossils from Stevns Klint, which shows how man has lived with and off the Cliff for centuries.


Stevns Klint
Højerup Bygade 39
4660 Store Heddinge
South Sealand

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  • Longitude: 12.446172