How to get around Denmark

How to get around Denmark

Getting around in Denmark

In Denmark, public transport is convenient, fast and easy to use.
There are many routes by train, bus and ferries and here we give you an overview and all you need to know if you travel around Denmark.

Domestic flights in Denmark

The domestic flight traffic in Denmark is relatively small compared with other countries, but there are several daily flights from Copenhagen to cities around Denmark. SAS has direct flights to Aarhus, Aalborg, and Billund. Norwegian has direct flights to Aalborg, Billund, and Karup.

Travel by train in Denmark

In Denmark, the national rail operator DSB operates between Copenhagen and towns across Denmark and southern Sweden. Train from the capital of Copenhagen to Aarhus will take three hours, to Aalborg four hours and Odense two and a half hour.  You can buy a ticket at every train station ticket office or use the ticket automats on the platforms with English languages. Small shops like seven eleven also provide tickets. If you want to buy online tickets, please see our related info.

Denmark by coach

You can also travel by coach around Denmark. Several different companies are operating, but not all of them have English-languages websites, so it’s a good idea to contact the tourist office of the destination you have in mind, to ask for their guidance on routes and tickets. There is one big international operator, Flixbus, which has good and cheap connections across Denmark.

Travelling by ferry to the beautiful islands 

In Denmark, you will find a lot of islands and ferry routes. There are thousands of ferry routes, and the easiest way is to ask the local tourist office and visit our ferry list for more details. See more information under related links.

Online travel planner

When visiting another country, a travel planner is a must. On "" you can plan your trip and book tickets for trains and buses.

Self-drive in Denmark

In Denmark, it is safe to drive by yourselves and planning a self-drive holiday, and the distances between sights and cities are short. Of course, you will have to follow the Danish driving rules and take care when driving in Denmark, but you can easily make an enjoyable and own tailor-made holiday in Denmark. If you follow the "Marguerite route" which is 3,600 kilometres long, you will be able to find many of the most beautiful nature sites in Denmark.

Biking in Denmark

Denmark is very easy to explore on a bike with over 10,000 km of biking routes. Many of the cities in the country have bicycle rentals for interested visitors and locals. Many Danes use their bicycle to and from work, and in Copenhagen, it is more than 40 per cent. The bike lanes are extensive and impressive - therefore Denmark is one of the countries in the world where you can see most bicycles. 

Rent a car

It is also easy to rent a car in Denmark, and you will find many of the international car rental companies in the country.