Welcome to Broholm Castle

Welcome to Broholm Castle



Broholm Castle

Experience a historic stay at Broholm Castle Hotel.


Broholm Castle is located by an incredibly idyllic with park, manor house lake, moat and watermill a stone's throw west of Nyborg at Funen. You can easily reach the hotel within an hour from Odense, and from Copenhagen, the castle can be reached in about 2 hours.


For anyone with just a minimum of historical flair or romantic-nostalgic faible, a visit or stay at Broholm Castle is an exciting odyssey through almost 700 years of Denmark history from Christoffer the 2nd to Margrethe the 2nd and with the intermediate 29 kings and 1 queen as co-players.

Following a veritable Tornerose sleep, Broholm Slot in 2002 has been extensively restored and modernised for stays for guests seeking different and exclusive frames.

Wake up like a baron

It's almost like waking up in the baron's bed. The rooms and mini-suites at Broholm Castle reflect all the state-of-the-art that has been the subject of overclass life in recent centuries.

Small refuges with a charming radiance of taste, furnished with museum pieces, delicious fabrics, pictures and other furniture that make them appear as counterparts to the bland global style. In addition, the comfort of the completed, delicious and shining bathrooms with a discreet touch of nostalgia. Enjoy the view of the moat, park and soothing rural setting ... as well as the absence of television and telephone in the rooms.

Broholm Castle restaurant

The restaurant is decorated in Broholm's old tenement home, and the kitchen is built around good Fynske raw materials delivered by local suppliers, who with a good sense of honesty and passion emphasise these many delights.


Walk on the Adventure Trail with canals and islets at Broholm Castle or for horses interested a ride in the beautiful nature around Broholm Castle.

What about a Croquet game in the beautiful castle garden, which was mostly played around the turn of the century. It was preferably played by ladies and elderly. Modern croquette is not the same. There are so many nice variations and finesses in modern croquet that it requires a lot of attention from their performers.

Other activities to mention, cycling, sea kayaking and sailing.

An experience for life

One night at Broholm Castle is an experience you should enjoy yourself only once in a lifetime. Not two rooms are the same, but as different as the people who once inhabited them. Each room exposes its own spirit of time in a colour scheme, with a safe hand and respect for past generations


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Broholmsvej 32
5884 Gudme
Nyborg, Funen
+45 62 25 10 55

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  • Lattitude: 55.137177
  • Longitude: 10.728155


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  • Historic Hotel
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