Stockholm Culture Festival

During five vibrant days and nights, you can explore various cultural events for all ages. This festival in Stockholm in mid-August marks the end of the long Swedish summer holidays.

The Stockholm Culture Festival, also known as "Stockholms Kulturfestival" in Swedish, is an annual event held in August in Stockholm. It typically lasts several days and features a diverse program of cultural events, performances, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, and activities throughout the city.

This cultural festival has become a tradition in Stockholm's event calendar, attracting Stockholmers and tourists since 2006.

The festival celebrates Stockholm's rich cultural diversity and showcases various artistic disciplines, including music, dance, theatre, literature, visual arts, and film. It provides a platform for both local and international artists to present their work and engage with audiences from all walks of life.

You can explore music and culture in all genres here; admission is free. You can hear everything from rock to pop, classical, gospel, jazz, and much more. Different workshops for dance, stand-up, theatre performance, film, and other activities exist. Every year, the festival has a new theme.

Attendees of the Stockholm Culture Festival can enjoy performances by renowned musicians and dancers, poetry readings and author talks, explore art installations and exhibitions, participate in hands-on workshops, sample delicious food from different cuisines, and much more.

Overall, the Stockholm Culture Festival is a vibrant and inclusive event that brings people together to celebrate creativity, diversity, and the arts in the heart of Sweden's capital city.


Where is the festival

The festival often takes place in various venues across the city, including parks, squares, theatres, museums, and cultural institutions.

Stages and scenes can be found in several places in the city, which can change yearly.

Usually, you can find scenes and stages in the following places:

  • Sergels torg (Sergel’s Square)

  • Gustav Adolfs Torg near the Opera House 

  • Norrbro (between the Royal Palace and the Royal Opera)

  • Skeppsbron (on the docks at the side of the Royal Palace)

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Events in Stockholm

14 August - 18 August 2024
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Stockholm Culture Festival
Stockholm, Capital Region

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