Go shopping in Finland

In the biggest cities, you will find all from interesting shopping streets to fascinating shopping malls.

Whether it's souvenirs or smart design interior - Go shopping in Finland is a pleasant experience. Here you will find all from interesting shopping streets, lively market square, to fantastic shopping malls.

Famous Finnish Design

Finnish design isn’t just something you see — it’s something you experience. Finnish design is more than just a pretty object.
It is a way of living. The design here is woven seamlessly into everyday life and surrounds you where you go. Good design is timeless. When you find something that works you keep it. Nothing is too old.

Famous Finnish Designer Alvar Aalto

The famous Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto once said:– Nothing is ever reborn but neither does it totally disappear. And that which has once been born will always reappear in a new form.