Dale of Norway

The brand "Dale" has a long history as the factory was built in 1879 in the village Dale on the west coast of Norway.

In the valley there was a long tradition for making wool and knitting and waterfalls made it possible to make natural power to the factory. For over 135 years the company "Dale" has developed premium products in the best wool quality and their products are known worldwide.

Focus on innovation and new functions

Dale of Norway is a leading innovator of new wool and yarn qualities. All of our knitwear is made with 100% premium and eco-friendly wool. The collection is designed with different types of wool, ranging from the strong Norwegian wool, ideal for durable mid- and outer layer knitwear, to extra-fine skin-soft Merino. With unique knitting techniques, the results are garments with exceptional long-lasting qualities.

In Dale, they always try to find new solutions and the Knitshell (TM) concept is here a good example - this is a wool that is windproof, breathable and water repellent.

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