The 9 best things to do in Denmark for kids

You will in Denmark find world-famous amusement parks such as Tivoli and the original Legoland in Denmark.

In Denmark, you can visit high-class attractions like amusement parks and museums for kids, and not forget thousands of kilometres of unspoilt beaches.


1. Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

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2. Legoland in Billund

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3. LegoHouse in Billund

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4. Copenhagen Zoo in Copenhagen

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5. The Experimentarium in Copenhagen

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6. Djurs Sommerland 

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7. The Blue Planet in Copenhagen

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8. Danfoss Universe near Sønderborg

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9. Bakken in Copenhagen

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Because of the small distance, Denmark is easy to move around with kids, and it is easy to take public transport, organise car hire or drive your car.


Best things to do in Copenhagen

We have made a list of top attractions for kids in Copenhagen:

Tivoli Gardens


The Experimentarium

The Blue Planet

Copenhagen Zoo


Best things to do in Jutland



Djurs Amusement Park

Danfoss Universe

Regarding practice arrangements, Denmark is a very kid-friendly country, as many attractions, restaurants, hotels, major stores and regional trains offer you quiet spots, changing rooms and child seats.


Public playgrounds

Denmark is covered with well-equipped public playgrounds. These are great places to take your children and perhaps get to know some local Danish children. Public playgrounds are primarily in parks, but you can also find playgrounds in some forests.

A safe place to bring kids

Denmark is a safe country. Danes are informal and relaxed, and children are generally welcome everywhere. It is not uncommon to see pushchairs left outside cafes and restaurants with sleeping children.

It is a safe and common practice in Denmark and Danes are happy to let their little ones sleep in peace outside whilst keeping a close eye on them from inside. You can typically borrow highchairs for children in Danish restaurants, so ask for one when you enter.

Discounts for children at hotels

Many hotels in Denmark offer free accommodation for children under 12 years old when they sleep in their parents' beds. Check with your hotel at the time of booking to find out about discounts, rules and pricing.