Discover the coastline in Denmark Denmark has many bridges which connect the many islands You are never more than 50km from a beach Denmark has an amazing nature with both beaches and cliffs

Cliffs and Beaches in Denmark

If you go to Denmark, especially in the summer, an enjoyable day at the beach can be very lovely. Denmark is famous for some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and the coastline is more than 7,300 km.

Wide white sandy beaches without any crowded problems, organised with lifeguards all around the country throughout the summer.

Learn about the Danes

The Danes are world famous for protecting their nature, which means the most of their beaches invite to a swim. Check out the beaches and small cosy holiday cities,  which also is a way to meet and learn about the Danes.

Beautiful viewpoints

In Denmark, you will find amazing viewpoints more places. The most famous ones are Møns Klint and Stevns Klint.

Do you have a possibility to go there, you can enjoy not only the incredible view spots but also museums which telling about the cliffs history.

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