Denmark is one of the best countries to visit for a holiday on two-wheels

Denmark is one of the best countries to visit for a holiday on two-wheels

Amalienborg Palace-Kim Wyon - CopenhagenMediaCenter

Amalienborg Palace-Kim Wyon - CopenhagenMediaCenter

Biking in Denmark

Denmark  is world-famous for its biking culture and Copenhagen officially was awarded as the first Bike City in the World. It was also voted the ‘Best city for cyclists’ and the ‘World’s most livable city’.

The Danes are well known for their love for cycling and cities all around the world are now looking how to copy this phenomenon. It is a biking heaven for the cyclists to visit Denmark, and in Copenhagen, there are over 3 kilometres of a bike lane.

Short distances  to beauty

In Denmark, the coastline is never far away, and you can drive on special bike lanes along the coastline. The cities and towns have safe cycle lanes, and it is easy to cycle to the shops and the cafes. You can also bring your bike on the trains all over the country.

Digital bicycle maps

A good bike and a good cycling guide are essential for a successful cycling holiday. The Danish Cycling Federation has a large selection of guides and maps available to buy online (see related links)

Bike maps

Nordic Travel Trade publishes a good cycling map of Denmark in 1:500.000, where you can find national and regional cycle routes and information about roads with bike paths, hostels, campsites, visitor information and much more. You can also plan your bike route online from The Danish Cycling Federation.

You can view a digital map of Denmark’s cycle routes, and download it to your GPS, on the Danish Road Directorate’s website.

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