Stevns Klint Experience

Stevns Klint Experience is the primary arrival and dissemination point for Stevns Klint UNESCO World Heritage.

Here is time to be together for contemplation, wonder, presence and experiences as well as opportunities for play and learning. Stevns Klint consists of chalk and limestone formed 65 million years ago when the sea covered Denmark.


Discover fossils more than 65 million years old

In the Stevns Klint Experience, you will find the reason why Stevns Klint became a member UNESCO World Heritage List of natural properties in 2014. On view at the exhibition are also fossils from Stevns Klint and how man has lived with and off the Klint for centuries.


Stevns Klint Experience
Boesdalsvej 14
4673 Rødvig Stevns
South Sealand