Stevns Klint Experience

Stevns Klint Experience is the primary arrival and dissemination point for Stevns Klint UNESCO World Heritage.

Stevns Klint Experience is a museum and visitor centre located at Stevns Klint in Denmark.  The cliff is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its geological significance and the fossils.

Here is time to be together for contemplation, wonder, presence and experiences, and opportunities for play and learning. Stevns Klint consists of chalk and limestone formed 65 million years ago when the sea covered Denmark.

Stevns Klint Experience is a modern visitor centre dedicated to imparting knowledge about Stevns Klint's geology, nature, history and culture. The centre features interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations, and information boards that allow visitors to learn about the cliff's formation, geological strata, and unique fossils.

Stevns Klint Experience is a popular destination for those interested in geology, nature and cultural history. It offers an informative and interactive experience that allows visitors to learn about Stevns Klint's unique features and admire the spectacular cliff and sea view.

One of the most notable features of the Stevns Klint Experience is the use of virtual reality technology. Visitors can experience a virtual trip back in time and see how the landscape at Stevns Klint has changed over millions of years.



Guided tours

Stevns Klint Experience also offers guided tours along the cliff. These tours allow visitors to explore the ridge and gain a deeper understanding of its geological and historical significance. Guided tours may include visits to places like Højerup Gamle Kirke and Stevns Fyr.



Nature and outdoor life

In addition to the informative aspect, Stevns Klint Experience also allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful nature around Stevns Klint. Hiding trails along the cliff provides exceptional views of the sea and the surrounding countryside.




Stevns Klint Experience is located at Stevns Klint, an impressive cliff formation on the Stevns Peninsula in Zealand, Denmark.


Stevns Klint Experience
Boesdalsvej 14
4673 Rødvig Stevns
South Sealand