Visit Møns Klint Walk to the top of Møns Klint - 128 metres above the sea At GeoCenter Møns Klint you can learn and play with fun activities for the whole family There are many natural activities to do also around this beautiful area

Møns Klint

Experience the plant and animal life and perhaps find a 70-million-years-old fossil on the beach in front of the Cliff of Møn and have fun and learn in the GeoCenter.

Møns Klint is one of Denmark`s unique nature spots where you can experience the life more than 70 million years back in time.

The Cliff on Møn is the right place to experience a holiday with a perfect balance between great activities and unique nature. Experience the great outdoors of the high hinterland of Møns Klint and the great chalk cliffs of Møn.


Discover Denmark`s past in the GeoCenter

In the GeoCenter, a science centre, more than 20 activities await adventurers of all ages, such as a 3D cinema and workshops. There are interactive exhibitions about nature and the history of the place. 



Møns Klint Resort

Møns Klint Resort is the easy way of renting holiday and country houses or staying at the modern campsite of Camping Resort Møns Klint. There is plenty of space and activities for children. You can rent a boat and go fishing or bring your horse and experience the forest from horseback.

The houses are located in the beautiful and hilly area behind Møns Klint and are called The Lodge, Snow Whites House, The Fishing Cabin and the Land Agents Housing. The houses offer a unique experience and each house has its character.

You can learn more about the formation of the cliffs and the fossils you’ve seen along the way. Inland from the cliffs, you’ll find more scenic hiking trails with sea views through the Mandemarke Hills. 


Møns Klint
Stengårdsvej 8
4791 Borre
Møn, South Sealand
+45 55863600

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  • Lattitude: 54.984129
  • Longitude: 12.543702

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