Welcome to Copenhagen

Copenhagen has unique architecture, medieval history, amazing cuisine and fantastic shopping.

Copenhagen mixes royal history and modern architecture. In the last decade, Copenhagen has also become renowned for fashion and the New Nordic Cuisine, and today Copenhagen has more Michelin-starred restaurants than many other cities.

The cosy city of Copenhagen is distinguished by the surrounding water, colourful old houses, parks, cafès and bicycles.

The capital of Denmark has become a first-class gourmet destination with a thousand-year-old history. Copenhagen has preserved the city's identity and history, which you can see at Kgs. Nytorv, Nyhavn and Østerbro.

The main attractions include historical royal palaces such as Amalienborg, Rosenborg and Christiansborg and numerous fascinating museums, monuments and churches, not to forget the much-loved Little Mermaid.

In the last decade, Copenhagen has become renowned for its architecture, design, fashion and the New Nordic Cuisine, and today, Copenhagen has more Michelin-starred restaurants than many other cities.

The famous poet Hans Christian Andersen, lived most of his life in the capital of Denmark, and you can find places where he lived and several statues of him in Copenhagen. 

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A safe and green city

Copenhagen is clean, safe, and ridiculously easy to get to know regarding the infrastructure. A significant plus is that nearly all the locals speak good English. Copenhagen has a well-developed public transport system, which means fewer cars and more space to breathe for walkers and cyclists in the city centre.

Copenhageners go by bike. In Copenhagen, 50% of all use their bike daily, and there are more bikes than inhabitants in the city.

There are 400 kilometres of biking lanes, and with 40000 cyclists using them daily, it is one of the world's busiest biking lanes. Copenhagen has received more international prices as a bike-friendly and green city.

You will find city bikes for rent everywhere in Copenhagen, a green, comfortable and environmentally friendly way to explore Copenhagen. The boat tours on the canals in Copenhagen are another perfect way to discover the city in the summer.


Cosy Copenhagen

Come and participate in a great, comfortable atmosphere which fosters a uniquely Danish sense of well-being and conviviality. Here, you will find playgrounds for kids, green parks and impressive historic old castles. It is estimated that Copenhagen has more than 2,000 cafes and restaurants.

Nyhavn is a "must-see" attraction related to 'Danish cosiness'. Both tourists and locals come here to relax and get a bite to eat or something to drink.


Famous restaurants

The extraordinary culinary revolution that has taken place here over the last decade has become world-famous. Therefore, for food lovers, Copenhagen is a diamond on the world map. You will find great dining options, presenting "New Nordic Cuisine" food.

Visit one of Copenhagen's many Michelin restaurants in Denmark. Noma Restaurant and Geranium are two of the most famous and acclaimed restaurants in the world.


Shopping in Copenhagen

Visit one of Europe's longest shopping streets, "Strøget", in the centre of Copenhagen. Strøget is one of Europe's longest pedestrian streets with many lovely shops, and you can visit budget-friendly chains and some of the world's most expensive brands. The stretch is 1.1 kilometres long and runs from Kongens Nytorv to the City Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen).


Check out some of Denmark's world-famous fashion brands or interior designs

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