Visit this new Experimentarium opened in 2017


Visit this new science and technology museum opened January 2017

When you visit this science centre you will find fun for everybody, but the attraction has a special focus on families with children but there is plenty of playful activities for kids of all ages in this new science centre.

The first museum was built 1991, but the new museum has 16 challenging and interactive exhibits and the world`s first interactive cinema.

The mission is to increase the interest of technology

The mission for the Experimentarium is to increase the interest in technology and science and all the new result and you find here two floors with 16 interactive exhibitions and a roof terrace for outdoor activities and you can easily spend most of a day here.

When entering the building you can see the iconic helix staircase in the lobby. It`s inspired by DNA strings with a 100-meters long body covered in 10 tons’ cobber. In the Experrmentarium there are fun activities which offer both learnings and laughs for everyone.

If you get hungry there is a large restaurant in the building.

Where to find the museum

You find the museum located in Hellerup just 15 minutes north of Copenhagen city centre.


Tuborgvej 7
2900 Hellerup
Capital Region
+45 39273333

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 55.726491
  • Longitude: 12.574602