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Welcome to Odense

Odense is Denmark`s third biggest city and most known for the world famous author Hans Christian Andersen.

Odense is the ”capital” of the island of Funen between Jutland and Zealand. Odense is one of Denmark's oldest cities, with a history that dates back more than 1000 years. Many tourists visit Odense annually in Denmark, because of Hans Christian Andersen.

The famous fairytale author was born here in 1805 in the historical quarter.  Tourists come here to discover and learn about his life, visit the house where he was born, the museum and attractions related to Andersen.

Other top attractions are Denmark's Railway Museum,  Odense Zoo and Brandts,  which combines an art gallery, the Museum of Photographic Art and Denmark's Media Museum.

Follow a Hans Chr. Andersen route 

You can follow a specific Andersen route in the city, and every summer, the city offers local actors to play his fairy tales nearby the H. C. Andersen Museum.

You can also take an H. C. Andersen boat tour on the Odense River, where you can hear about the famous writer’s life in Odense. Every year in August, Odense celebrate Hans Christian Andersen with a special festival event.

Shopping in Odense

Odense is today a modern city with cosy pedestrian streets. Here you find all from shops and galleries to buzzing cafes and bars.

Magasin Odense in is the biggest mall in the centre, where you can get many Danish and international brands.

Rosengårdscentret is a big shoppingmall in Odense


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How to reach Odense

Odense is easy to reach everywhere in Denmark because it is situated in the centre of Denmark between Zealand and Jutland. Odense is a two hours drive from Copenhagen and also two hours drive from Aarhus. 

Odense is a very recommended stopover for a day or two.