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The Narvik Region is full of contrasts, surrounded by astonishing nature, steep mountains and deep fjords everywhere you look.

Narvik is located in the centre of Hålogaland historic region, that according to scientists, can be translated as The Land of the Northern Lights.
The Narvik Region offers a range of Arctic experiences. The dramatic WW2 history will please every history lovers and those who didn`t realise they were history lovers.

You`ll find a lot of activities in the Narvik region, and we can promise as a guest, you won`t be disappointed if you are looking for classic Arctic experiences such as husky-sledging, skiing, snowshoeing and skiing. The famous cable car takes you up to the mountain restaurant `656 mas`.

You can go from the city Centre and be transported only 15 minutes into the wilderness and take part in the Sami culture. Or how about learning to drive your dog team with huskies? You can choose the urban arctic life with the comforts of shopping and fine dining or do it the Arctic Way – join the multiple excursions Narvik has to offer.


Narvikfjellet is a world-class skiing destination

Close to Narvik, you can visit Narvikfjellet where you in winter can go skiing or in summer hiking. You can take the Fjellheisen to the top and from here you have an amazing view - one of the greatest in Norway.

In February 2019 opened a brand new cable car. In four minutes it takes you to the top of the mountain. At the top, you find a great Mountain restaurant.
Narvik has applied for the hosting of the World Championships in skiing in 2027, and it is Norway`s most urban ski area both for families and off-piste skier.


 The Ofoten railway is one of Europe´s most beautiful railway lines

Thanks to the ice-free waters of Ofotfjord, Narvik became the centre for the export iron mined in northern Sweden, and the railway was completed between Narvik and Kiruna. Narvik is the end station on the Ofotbanen line and there are 43 kilometres between Narvik harbour and the national border with Sweden, and the line is connected to the Swedish railway network.

The railway is also important for the transport of goods between southern and northern Norway and is considered as one of Europe´s most beautiful railway line. 


Explore Narvik in the world war ll

Narvik was occupied for over four years by the German forces and was the scene of bitter fighting. This you can see at the Narvik War Museum.

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  • Lattitude: 68.438498
  • Longitude: 17.427261