Midnight Sun in Narvik

During the summer, between late May and mid-July, Narvik invites for spectacular Midnight Sun experiences.

Narvik is located north of the Arctic Circle, at 68 degrees north. Especially during the summer month, the sun barely dips below the horizon here, which creates endless bright and beautiful days. The glowing sun transforms the landscape into yellow, orange and red.

When to discover this natural phenomenon in Narvik is from:

25 Mai to 20. July

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Facts about the Midnight Sun

The phenomenon occurs because the midnight sun never sets below the horizon at its lowest position during the day. And because the sun never sets, the daylight never goes away. Since the earth is tilted on its axis and orbits around the sun, that tilt makes the North Pole face towards the sun in the summer, keeping it sunlight even as the earth spins.

Best views for Midnight Sun experiences!

Even though the sun shines beautifully everywhere in Narvik throughout the Midnight Sun season, you must explore the bright lightning nights from one of the best viewpoints at Narvikfjellet. You forget everything else when you experience the softly breathtaking colours over the fjord and surrounding mountains.


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