Romance under the Northern Lights

Romance under the Northern Lights

Juho Uutela ©Visit Rovaniemi (Rovaniemi Tourism & Marketing Ltd.)

Juho Uutela ©Visit Rovaniemi (Rovaniemi Tourism & Marketing Ltd.)

Romantic Experiences

Throughout the Nordic countries, you will find a lot of obvious options for romantic short breaks all year along.

Especially during the Northern Light season, you will find unforgettable accommodations like ice hotels, offering romantic stays combined with spectacular Northern Light experiences.

Local adventure tours

If you don`t want to plan your tour on your own, local tour operators offering specially designed holidays, including all kind of adventures.

The perfect romantic holiday

For many, a Northern Light short break is the perfect romantic holiday combination to forget about daily busy schedules, by spending some quality time together hand in hand. 

Numerous experiences and ingredients make you forget all about everyday life. The exciting selections of activities like snowmobiling or reindeer sledding, the local food, the fresh air, the cold and not to forget the incredible silence make you forget everything and live in the moment with your loved ones.

Excellent transport options

Regarding the increased well-developed flight connections and infrastructure, more and more travellers from all around the world, decide to plan or surprise their loved ones with an unforgettable Northern Light short break.

So don´t hesitate, live and just to it.  


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