Narvik invites you for a stopover

Narvik invites you for a stopover

Orsolya Haarberg-Visithelgeland

Orsolya Haarberg-Visithelgeland

Narvik is the gateway to the Arctic

Narvik is in many ways the perfect destination for a stop on your Arctic journey.

Stunning nature and history

First of all, the city of Narvik and area attractions justify a stopover in any way. Dramatic wilderness, dramatic history, impressive mountain peaks and beautiful fjords characterise the Narvik region. 

Best transport hub

Narvik is a unique link and gateway hub for destinations such as Lofoten Islands, Vesterålen, Tromsø and Kiruna in northern Sweden. Narvik is the only city in Northern Norway with a railway connection. From here you are connected to the international network through Sweden and connected to Southern Scandinavia and Europe. Due to the unique Arctic nature, more and more visitors choose to take the stunning train ride between Kiruna and Narvik.

Narvik is located right in the middle of the national and regional road network. The E6 road runs from north to south and E10 runs east to west, and this is a reason why many find optimal bus connections to destinations such as Tromsø and the Lofoten Islands from here.

Narvik Port is one of the most recognised in Norway. The renowned ferry company Hurtigruten offers cruises where stops in Narvik are included. It is primarily through the Northern Lights season.

The nearby Harstad / Narvik Evenes airport offers several daily departures and arrivals, making Narvik easy to reach by plane.

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 68.438498
  • Longitude: 17.427261