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Work With Us

Roberto Fortuna

Roberto Fortuna

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VisitNordic was founded by Bent Larsen and Gitte Bruun who live in Denmark. They are dedicated to showing the world the amazing Nordic region and presenting unique and unforgettable Nordic destinations and activities throughout the region from countries like Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Greenland, also in collaboration with local operators.

The mission is to help global travellers and the travel trade industry to get the most of their trip to the Nordic region and give them unique experiences and really get to know the Nordic culture, wonderful nature and way of life


Collaborate with

To be able to provide our readers with unique information and tips about visiting the Nordic countries, we are always open to partner up with destination marketing organisations, attractions, local activities and tour providers, hotels, restaurants and shops in the Nordic countries. Visitnordic also reach markets and tourists in Asia, as China – the upcoming outbound tourism markets.


Topics on
  • General travel information as transport, must-see attractions, activities, tours, accommodation, local recommendations, events, shopping and best restaurant experiences
  • Insights in the Nordic way of living and culture in general
  • Special items as the Northern Lights, Nordic nature, Nordic cuisine, Nordic Vikings etc.
  • Outdoor activities and tours (booking) 

What we can do together
  • Create your own micro page and content at Visitnordic
  • Get your content visible in relevant collections across regions and nordic countries
  • Sponsored content (English and Chinese)
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Product reviews
  • Press trips
  • Articles and blog post for your website

Join the collection and list your attraction, activity, hotel, restaurant with

The application is easy and if approved, will result in your property being exposed and promoted to tourist and the travel-trade all over the world.

Our collections and content play an influential and significant role throughout the research and consideration stages to purchase. We offer with our partners a channel to influence shopper's decisions throughout the research and buying process.

What happens after you send an enquiry

1. A member of the VisitNordic team will contact you by phone or email
2. We will listen attentively as you describe what you are interested in 
3. After assessing your situation, our experienced team member will present the
   best possible listing package based on your needs

We are known for our independent and honest advice and work together with both public and private organisations.



Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Become a Visitnordic partner