Sami Parliament

The Sámi Parliament was established in 1989 and meets four times annually. 39 representatives are elected from seven constituencies every four years.

Sami Parliament was established to strengthen the Sami political standing and promote Sami interests in Norway.

The Parliament contribute to an equitable and fair treatment of the Sami people and work to create conditions for the Saami to preserve and develop their language, culture and community.

The Parliament moved to into a glorious new building in 2000. The main assembly hall is shaped like a Sami tent and the Sami library.

You find Sami parliaments in Sweden and Finland too.

A guided tours last 30 minutes.

Getting here

There are daily departures from Oslo to Alta Airport, which is the nearest major airport, although it’s also possible to fly to Lakselv Airport. Alta Airport is a two hours drive from Kautokeino, and two and a half hours from Karasjok.


Avjovargeaidnu 50
9730 Karasjok
Northern Norway

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 69.471371
  • Longitude: 25.496291