Ofotbanen offers a beautiful trip between Narvik and Kiruna

Ofotbanen offers a beautiful trip between Narvik and Kiruna

Roar G Nilsson

Roar G Nilsson

Travel with Ofotbanen

The Ofoten Line is a 43-kilometre railway trip along Norway`s northernmost railway line. This incredible excursion by train takes you over seven bridges, through 23 tunnels and past five stations.

This legendary railway trip brings you from Narvik to the Norway-Sweden border. From here Ofoten Line continues to Kiruna, Gällivare to Luleå as the Ore Line.

Narvik was developed as a port for the export of the iron-ore, and the Ofoten Railway was built at the turn of the century as the link between the mines and the port.

The Ofoten Railway Museum is dedicated to the local history of Narvik and the Ofoten Railway and is located close to the centre of Narvik.

Stunning views

On your journey through the imposing raw historical Arctic landscape, you will be greeted by mighty mountain peaks and cascading waterfalls. It is a jaw-dropping experience to enjoy the view over the Arctic fjord. The train stops several to be sure you get the full Arctic experience here. The train has 270 seats, and you will be able to buy tasty snacks and drinks during the trip. 

During the fantastic train ride, you will notice that it is not the scenery surrounding the train line, which makes it dramatic. The historical events connected to the construction of the railway at the end of the 19th century and the war attractions in 1940 create a dramatic backdrop for the Arctic train experience. On the train, you will find an automatic guide system, that keeps you updated on the history and events.

Riksgränsen and Katterat activities

In only one hour, this Arctic train crosses the border, more 500 metres above sea level, and arrives at Riksgränsen Station.

Fulfil your already memorable exciting train ride by unforgettable activities and adventures at Riksgränsen and Katterat. During the summer you will find guided hiking tours along the Navy Road. For action fans, mountain biking or kayaking are tempting options here. 

During the Northern Light season (Sept-April), you will find exciting tours, especially hunting for the spectacular colours on the sky. 

In Winter you will find a unique selection of dogsledding- and snowmobiling tour offers and skiing at Narvikfjellet and in Summer Narvik offers Midnight Sun activities.


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