Vesterålen is the kingdom of the whales


The islands Vesterålen are lovely islands, surrounded by whales, seals and seabirds.

Maybe the islands of Vesterålen do not look so dramatic as Lofoten, but you get the feeling, it is so. The population has a rich history here, and the forested mountainous regions of the island of Hinnøya are a different corner of Norway`s mostly treeless northern coast. 

Activities at Vesterålen Islands

When you visit Vesterålen, you will find all kind of activities like kayaking and biking, and it is a good way to discover the islands by doing some activities. You can take the popular whale safari all year round as one of few places in the world. Here is also a whaling centre, and the whale safaris start with a guided tour through the centre before a captivating two to four-hour unforgettable whale watching safari.

Also, fishing tours and bird watching tours are very popular activities here.

Whale Safaris is a big adventure here

Northern Norway is one of the best places in the world to watch whales. Every summer male sperm whales leave their families in the southern latitudes and migrate north and here also to Northern Norway, and specifically the area around Vesterålen the visit to feed on fish and squid.

Here you can get a thrill of encountering the Humpback, Fin and Sperm whales by day followed by the wonderful Northern Lights come nightfall.

Therefore Whale Safaris is a very popular activity here and many whale-watching cruises operate from towns like Andenes and Tysfjord but it, of course, depends on the weather conditions.

The chance to get close to these giants is good here - and you can also be lucky to spot humpback, minke, fin and killer whales, and seabird and seal safaris are also available from here.

Vesterålen is the home of Hurtigruten

The shipping service company Hurtigruten offers daily passenger and freight services along the Norwegian coast between Kirkenes and Bergen. The company also tours to the Arctic, Antarctica, Europe, Americas and more explorer voyages.

Hurtigruten was founded By Richard With and in Stokmarknes there is a museum "the Hurtigruten museum" which has open in the summer months and other times of the year it also has open, but you have to check their homepage.

Other attractions

The islands have highlight attractions like the Whale Centre and Polar Museum in Andenes or the Coastal Express Museum at Stokmarknes. Don`t miss Trollfjorden, a two-kilometre-long fantastic fjord. Also to recommend is Nysund, an abandoned fishing village.

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 68.695833
  • Longitude: 15.413056