Culture & History in Narvik

In the footsteps of the dramatic war history in Narvik.

Narvik offers visitors much more than wonderful nature and outdoor activities. The town has a very interesting history and culture to tell.

The construction of the impressive Arctic Railway Line - Ofotbanen, made the town had a lot more life and bigger, but unfortunately, the railway line also brought was the reason the WWII to here. In 1940 the biggest sea battle in the North Atlantic took place in the fjords surrounding Narvik.

It is the perfect break from the many nature excursions, visiting some of the city's history and cultural attractions. Locals here are proud of the culture and history and more than happy to share them with you.

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The special light & local culture

In Narvik, you will find a fascinating contrast in daylight unlike from the rest of the world. Between the dark time, with 4 hours of daylight in the winter, and the summer with 24 hours of sunlight. Beautiful snow-covered landscape in the winter, and lush softly green nature in summer. Contrasts which made life exciting here and never boring.

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It is the perfect detour to take the Ofotbanen railway on a hop-on/off the tour here, to find out about the natives and their way of living.

Combined with a hike on the Navvy trail is even better. From Bjørnfjell or Katterat station, the trail runs along the railway line down to the fjord, Rombaksbotn.The area is filled with cultural monuments, good stories and varied nature.