The Skagen Odde peninsula

When you go to Denmark we recommend you to visit Skagen and the Skagen Odde peninsula (Grenen), Denmark`s northernmost town and beach.

It is a unique chance to experience the beautiful rugged nature. If you don`t wish to walk, you can take the local transportation, the "Sand Worm" from Skagen to the peninsula. At Grenen, The North Sea and the Baltic Sea (Kattegat) meet, and it is possible to see the clear dividing line between them here because of their different densities.

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Skagen - a famous art town

In the town Skagen you will find just a few hundred meters from Grenen, and it is a perfect combination to visit some of the historical sites around the town and especially the museum with the famous Skagen painters work is recommendable. The Skagen painters were artists, who visited Skagen from 1870 to 1900.


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Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 57.743611
  • Longitude: 10.645278