Go in the footsteps of the Vikings by visiting Lindholm Høje

Go in the footsteps of the Vikings by visiting Lindholm Høje



The Vikings in Aalborg

Welcome to one of the best preserved Viking attractions in the Nordic countries.

The Nordic Vikings have an exciting dramatic history to tell, but how did they live in the Iron and Viking ages in Aalborg?

By a visit to Lindholm Høje & Lindholm Høje Museum, you get quite many exciting experiences and answers about how Viking lived. How was their everyday life, what did they eat and how did they prepare food. The important about their beliefs and religion, and the preparing for the big Viking battles.

The findings from the Vikings at Lindholm Høje Burial site are unique, 682 graves and 150 stone ships have been found here. If you move north of the burial site, you can still explore remains from a Viking village in form of houses, fences and wells.

Lindholm Høje Museum

Already when you entry the Lindholm Høje Museum the history of the area comes to alive.

Throughout the museum, you will find two important archaeological exhibitions about the Iron Age and the Viking Age.

You will be introduced to the Vikings and their life via exciting reconstructions, panoramas, illustrations and 3D animations, which will deliver all the facts and stats you need in connection with Vikings.

As an extra excitement, don`t hesitate to taste a beer from ancient times.



Vendilavej 11
9400 Nørresundby
Aalborg, North Jutland
+45 9931 7440

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  • Longitude: 9.910073