Castle hotels in Denmark

Get an unforgettable experience by staying in a romantic castle or manor in Denmark.

Denmark is known for its beautiful castles and historic buildings, many of which have been converted into hotels. 

There are several castle hotels in Denmark, and if you're interested in staying in a castle, you'll find plenty of options in this beautiful country.

Denmark is one of the oldest monarchies globally and has many beautiful castles over 500 years old.

For some reason, today, some castles have become unforgettable luxury fairytale castle hotels where you can book a stay or two for a night. The hotels offer a classic experience with a contemporary twist, and one can enjoy a uniquely magnificent setting.

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The most popular in Denmark are:

Kokkedal Castle

Hindsgavl Castle

Broholm Castle

Kragerup Gods

Dronninglund Slot

Sauntehus Castle


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Weddings in Denmark

You can let the fairytale become true for weddings with a real castle wedding in Denmark.

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Danish Castles and Manor houses

Kokkedal Castle Hotel
Hindsgavl Castle Hotel
Dronninglund Slot
Broholm Castle
Kragerup Gods
Sauntehus Castle Hotel