Discover the Danish Riviera during the summer

Discover the Danish Riviera during the summer

The Danish Riviera starts outside Copenhagen, where you will find one of the most popular beaches Bellevue.

Nearby Bellevue you will find the oldest amusement park "Bakken" in the world with a 70-year-old wooden roller-coaster. Open from March until the end of August.

The city of Helsingor, at the top end of the Danish Riviera, forms the Elsinore of Shakespeare's Hamlet. The play is set in the huge Baroque castle, Kronborg, that dominates the town and the narrow sound between Denmark and Sweden.


Some of the best beaches in Denmark are to be found beyond Helsingor on the North Zealand coast. The finest stretch is centred on the little town of Hornbaek. Many Danes come here for the soft white dunes and for the hypnotic, deep-pink wild roses that bloom here all summer.

Along the Danish Riviera, you will find a perfect country for biking and hiking. There are cycle lanes on all the roads, and endless convoluted miles of beautiful woodland to walk in. The terrain everywhere is flat and negotiable. If you get tired you can always put your bike on a train: there are cycles helpfully painted on the doors of the carriages that accommodate them.