Viking & Heritage Tour in Denmark

On this self-drive tour you can discover some of Denmark`s top attractions concerning Vikings and UNESCO heritage.

Denmark has a thousand years of royal history, reaching back to the Vikings when the Danes crossed the Atlantic and ventured through the rivers of Europe.

Reflecting on these facts, Denmark is an obvious choice for renting a car or driving in your own vehicle, getting insights into this dramatic history, and discovering some of the well-protected Viking and UNESCO Heritage sites.

Day 1 - Royal Copenhagen

Start your tour in Copenhagen, where the present monarch, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, still resides in a rococo palace in Copenhagen`s royal quarter, at Amalienborg Castle. You will discover many interesting royal sights and treasures throughout Copenhagen.

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Day 2 - Heritage in North Zealand

When you drive north of the capital, you arrive in North Zealand and discover an aristocratic landscape of ancient oaks and rolling farmland set in, including the Royal Deer Park "Dyrehaven" 30 km northeast of Copenhagen.

Here you will find a well-preserved beautiful natural area consisting of two hunting forests named the Par Force Hunting Landscape, which became a member of the UNESCO Heritage list in 2015.

In this royal region, you can also visit the baroque gardens of the moated Frederiksborg Palace and Fredensborg Palace, the summer residence of the queen.

The fictional home of Shakespeare´s Hamlet, Kronborg Castle is a must see in this region. Kronborg became a member of the UNESCO Heritage list in 2000.

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Day 3 - The Viking exhibitions in Roskilde

Visit the new national park, Skjoldungelandet, around the historic town of Roskilde, only 45 minutes by car from North Zealand.

The land of Legends lets you explore reconstructed Viking villages and prehistoric settlements. Participate in some of the themes and events and discover your inner Viking.

There are daily voyages on Viking ships from the Viking Ship Museum during the summer. 

Don`t forget to visit the sepulchral Roskilde Cathedral, a UNESCO Heritage site, which is the final resting place of 20 Danish kings and 17 queens.

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Day 4 - Historic South Denmark

Bypassing the architectural masterpiece, the Great Belt bridge, you approach the next destination Ribe, Scandinavia’s oldest town. Stopping by the dramatic Heritage and Viking attractions in Jelling is very recommended.

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Take an afternoon or evening stroll through the old historical streets of Ribe, drop in by the Viking Museum and don`t forget to pass the old cathedral.


Day 5 - Wadden Sea National Park

Before leaving Ribe, you must visit the reconstructed Viking Village outside the town. Get inspired by the dramatic life of a Viking.

Visit one of the biggest national parks in Europe, The Wadden Sea National Park.  

The region covers some of the most important nature reserves in Europe and one of the most important wetlands in the world, which make a home for rich wildlife. 

By protected constructed roads, it is possible to drive around the area and discover all the natural beauty. In February 2017, a 1000 m2 exhibition Wadden Sea centre was opened with the best source of information about the Wadden Sea National Park. The Wadden Sea became a member of the UNESCO Heritage list in 2009.

Don`t forget to take a view and swim by one of the many beautiful wide beaches here.

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