Godafoss Waterfalls

Whatever which season you visit North Iceland, you will never regret a visit to the impressive Godafoss waterfalls.

The most waterfalls in Iceland have nicknames. Where Dettifoss, one of the other famous waterfalls in North Iceland, has the nickname "The Beast", Godafoss is named as "The Waterfall of The Gods".

Godafoss is always impressive for a visit, but especially in the late spring, when there´s still icicles bedecking its sides, it is a particularly otherworldly place for a visit.


Back in the year 999,  Christianity became the official religion of Iceland, and the story tells, that the holy man by the name of Þorgeir made Christianity the official religion of Iceland. To mark the occasion, he chucked some Pagan statues into the water here, making Goðafoss the famous symbolic site of Iceland´s conversion.


Fosshóol is the named of a close by little restaurant and guesthouse, from where you have beautiful views across to the falls. 

Getting There

It is quite easy to find the Godafoss waterfall. From Húsavík, simply drive south, until you hit the ring road – Goðafoss is just a 5-minute drive from the junction.

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 65.682778
  • Longitude: -17.550192