Dettifos Waterfall

An absolutely top highlight in Northern Iceland. Even the famous Hollywood movie instructors Ridley Scott used the waterfall in one of his movies (Prometheus).

Dettifos is famous to be the most powerful waterfall in Iceland related to the volume of water. It is around 100 meters wide and 45 meters tall and a tremendous amount of water booming down every second.

Hafragilsfoss waterfall nearby

Below Dettifoss, the Hafragilsfoss waterfall cascades 27 m into a deep canyon. It is best to drive to Hafragilsfoss, which is located in an environment that is geologically and historically as fascinating as Dettifoss.

Dettifos is located in northeast part and very recommended with day trips from Akureyri in the summer.


Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 65.812863
  • Longitude: -16.372987