Skiing in Finland

In Finland you will find around 75 ski resorts in Finland, most of them small local hills next to cities and villages.

The most famous and the big ones, however, lie in the fells of Lapland, and are classic winter holiday destinations like Levi, Ylläs, Pyhä-Luosto and Ruka .

Best Season

In Lapland the season starts in late October, high season is from February to early May. The resorts in Lapland offer downhill enthusiasts everything from kids’ runs to black slopes, and snow parks to backcountry exploring.

You can Finland is a more family friendly calm ski resort than the more crowded spots in central Europe. Here you have no worries about getting into a free-for-all in the lift queue or kamikaze-style overtakes on the slopes.

The special lights

The light conditions in Lapland are phenomenal. The spring sun stays above the horizon long into the evening and in combination with silvery forests with snow-laden trees and a white wilderness stretching as far as the eye can see Finland offers perfect conditions for winter sport. 

Finnish tradition & culture

The Finns nearly are born with skies on their feet, and to find a Finn who’s never tried skiing is rather hard since it’s somewhat of a national pastime: the population is 5,4 million, and a million Finns consider themselves active skiers. Most learn to ski at an early age, as family ski holidays are a nationwide concept and a lot of schools organise trips for their pupils.

Levi Ski resort

You will find the services and amenities are available in all of Lapland’s ski resorts. Also, many resorts want to preserve their village-like appearance, while others decide to go the other way. Levi is by far the liveliest of Finnish ski resorts, with a bustling micro city of a centre filled with restaurants, bars, shops, a bowling alley and a spa, among other things.

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