Enjoy the wild nature on a bike

Finland is a top destination for bikers. The scenery varies from lakes and forests to peaceful farmland and small villages.

The roads are mostly flat with some gently rolling hills and very little traffic.

Euro Velo Routes

Finland has 3 Euro Velo Routes, which is a common European cycling route system.

The National Tourist Routes

Nationally significant cycling routes run across several regions and the start and finish of the cycling routes have an airport and a busy railway and bus station.

Most of the national cycling tourist routes begin in Helsinki, with the exception of routes travelling around Finland's most important waterways. 

Regional Routes

In addition to the EuroVelo and national routes, there are shorter regional routes. You can find out about regional routes from tourist offices of municipalities and Towns.

Mountain Biking Routes

Besides traditional forest trails, there are even more exciting routes – extensive boggy areas offer a great challenge for the off-road cyclist. Pudasjärvi, on the border between Lapland and the Finnish Lakeland, is where you will find Finland’s southernmost fells, Iso-Syöte and Pikku-Syöte.

From here it is still another 150 kilometres to the Arctic Circle, where Lapland “officially” begins. Syöte, which means ”blessed” in the ancient Sami language, is mainly known as the ski resort in Finland with the highest snowfall. It is also the destination attracting an increasing amount of summer tourists every year, partly thanks to its excellent mountain biking terrain.

Preparing a Tour

Preparing and tips about routes, bike rental, cycling equipment, cycling transport and accommodation before going are of course always a must before you go.(See link)

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